Thursday, August 6, 2009

Puppy and Parents!

I am finally getting around to post after taking a hiatus while my parents were visiting. We had a great time together and they had a blast meeting Raelyn. Although I think Raelyn was probably more excited about them since she LOVES meeting and playing with new people! My parents had a fabulous time playing with Raelyn and showering her with lots of attention. While they were here we playing around the house and had many successful fun outings! After they left, Raelyn didn't seem bothered much at all about her playmates not being there. Now she is back to her normal routine with her boring keepers and not having near as much fun! :)

Mom and Raelyn both on good behavior!

Dad, Me, and Raelyn enjoying the sunshine.

Raelyn enjoying Amity's pool.
She is a crazy water beaver and discovered she loves jumping in after floating toys.

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