Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fearless Puppy In Action!

Raelynn had a good start to the weekend and is hoping everyone else did too!

Raelynn is an early riser (7am) compared to us. If it were up to Dale and I, we wouldn't be up and around on a Saturday until at least 11 as we are lazy like that. This morning I got up with Raelynn and gave her breakfast. I really wanted more sleep, so back into the crate she went! She wasn't super happy about that and was upset for a bit, but then finally calmed down. It was great as she didn't wake up again until 9:30. We are so glad that she does well in the crate during the night so we don't have to be getting up every few hours to let her out to relieve. :)

We learned that Raelynn snores and makes other funny noises when she sleeps. While Dale and I were watching TV in the late morning, we heard these weird noises and looked over and saw Raelynn in the middle of a very interactive dream since she was whining and running in her sleep. It was super cute! Will need to get a video of it sometime.

No accidents the entire day! She "did her business" so good everytime we took her outside. She is learning so quickly. We are happy.

We are starting to work on the "sit" command. Give her a few days and she'll have it figured out.

Today we had fun being social. Raelynn met one of our friendly neighbors and his dog while we were out on our walk. She did really well meeting Steve and Bailey. We practiced good manners. A long way to go still, but we'll get there.

Then friends of ours (Court, Michelle, and Kate) stopped by to meet Raelynn for the first time. Raelynn did great and was very friendly to all including the little one who unconsciously practiced puppy handling.

Today we confirmed that Raelynn is a fearless dog. Nothing phases her. She takes new things in stride and says, "Bring it on!" Unlike the kitties, the vaccuum doesn't bother her one bit! She notices cars, but isn't frightened. She is always excited to visit new places and meet new people.


  1. Oh my goodness... Kate is so big! And Raelynn, as always, is adorbale.