Monday, April 27, 2009

Too many friends, so little time

Sundays used to be relaxing. Not anymore!

We started off our day getting up early as Raelyn wants to get out of the crate to relieve, eat breakfast, and then play. At the butt-crack of dawn on a sunday, play is not a word in my vocabulary, so back in the crate she went! We are working on the barking/whining, but it is going to be a slow painful process. She eventually quieted down and we were able to get in a little bit of sleep before we had to wake up for Dale's game.

Dale plays soccer games on sunday mornings in a rec soccer league, so we decided to take Raelyn to her first sporting event. She did really great! The noises, people, and new environment didn't phase her one bit. At first she wanted to Bend it like Beckham and run/play along side the players, but she finally calmed down and watched. The ball intrigued her, but not overly so which was surprising. She also learned that bobby pins are not acceptable puppy food (she didn't like it one bit when I fished it out of her mouth).

Right after the game we came home and had lunch and then we had to zoom over to our bi-monthly Puppy Club meeting for all of the people who are involved with raising guide dogs. It is a great training and socialization session where we learn tips and are able to ask questions about all things puppy. This was Raelyn's first meeting so she charmed the pants off of everyone and made so many new friends. She stayed pretty calm in the beginning (only 1 bark) and then she was totally chill. After a while, all of the morning activity caught up to her and she went out like a light. She tuned out all of the other dogs and people and went to sleep. Sometimes she would peek out if something seemed interesting, but other than that she could have cared less about what was going on. It is amazing that she can be so calm in such a crazy new situation.

After the meeting, we made a pit stop at Wendy's where she was on good behavior. She is all over the place since she is so young, so taking her into a fine restaurant isn't such a great idea. However, Wendy's she can handle as her etiquette is more appropriate for a cheeseburger.

All of that activity totally tired her out, so she crashed for the rest of the afternoon/evening and slept well last night!

Today both Dale and I had to get things done at work, so Raelyn went to visit with Mardie, a fabulous puppy sitter, for the day. She did wonderfully with the puppy sitter and Mardie had lots of great advice for us as she has dealt with LOTS of baby puppies before.

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