Thursday, May 7, 2009

Out and About

On Tuesday, Raelyn had the chance to meet some of Dale's co-workers and observe lots of remote control cars. The event was "Cinco de Drivo" at Dale's work. Everyone is given a small budget to buy a car that they will race through an "extreme" obstacle course. This year the course featured: dry ice, swinging cinder blocks, a giant flame thrower, and flying bricks. It isn't much of a race. It is more about watching awesome mayhem and destruction.

Raelyn did great the whole time. She was very aware and interested in all of the strange noises, but she wasn't nervous or scared about the noisy cars and cheering crowd. She practiced her manners and made lots of new friends. After a while, she gets bored with meeting people so she doesn't get excited and just sits there and doesn't care. She was much more enthralled with trying to eat food off of the ground...

This was also her first trip in a car without being in the crate. She sat quietly on the floor in the backseat. Only once did I look back and have to correct her for lounging comfortably on the seat. Car ride = Nap time for Raelyn, so she is easy to handle and doesn't try to chew the seats.

In other news, Raelyn is consistently "Sitting" and following the "Come" and "Go to Bed" commands even with lots of toy distractions. We just started working on "Wait" and that is going smashingly. She is picking it up well.

Accidents in the house are becoming non-exsistent which is super exciting!

We are continuing to be vigilant about working on good leash behavior and barking/whining. She still likes to pull and eat the leash and whenever really frustrated or excited she vocalizes. Still not a big fan of the crate, but is calming down a bit quicker.


  1. I have NEVER seen such a young puppy with such a good "come" and "go to bed" command! Good job Raelynn! (Good job Rachel & Dale!!)

  2. Bedtime reading for Raelynn?