Monday, May 11, 2009

The secret to walking calmly on leash

We started the sunny weekend off with a bang! Dale and I took Raelyn to the fenced tennis courts at our complex to practice walking on a leash and to just have fun. Raelyn ate up every minute of it! We first worked a little bit on walking and that went decently well. Then we let her off the leash and holy cow she just tore around in circles and would dash back and forth when Dale and I would tell her to Come.

Finally, she had to take a break and pretty much collapsed in the pool of water she spilled from her water bowl. We thought she had enough, but NO she got her second wind and went around tearing up the place again. After that, we practiced walking on a leash again and she walked beautifully! We finally found the secret to making her have good leash manners. Too bad it involves completely tiring her out first which is impractical most of the time...

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  1. I think Cabana has a similar temperament to Raelyn. At 7 months, Cabana still needs to be a bit tuckered out to walk well on a leash, although she has improved a ton in the past month. For these pups, life is just too exciting, and there's way too much to see!