Sunday, May 3, 2009

Puppy Personals

10-week old, single female black lab looking for a special someone to snuggle/lick.

A little bit about me:
My name is Raelyn. I'm super smart, quick to pick up new things, great in new situations, lean with long legs, and my friends tell me I'm cute. Just a small warning, I'm VERY high maintenance and bore quickly, so you must provide me with LOTS of stimulation.

I "Sit" when it pleases me. Seriously, who really wants to sit when there are so many fun things to sniff and explore? Although I am getting better and more consistent.

I "Come" on command even if I am playing with a really fun chew toy across the room or if you call me from out of sight. Not to brag, but I learned this new command in about 2 days.

I "Go to bed" enthusiastically which means that I will run quickly to my designated towel and plop myself down into a "Down" position with my chin on the floor. Sometimes toys distract me, but who can ignore a moving object or an exciting kitty? I am proud to say that I stay on my towel even when my live-in raisers (don't feel threatened as they are not my type) walk out of sight. I don't want to gloat, but I learned this in about 3 days.

I like to chew anything I can put into my mouth, however I am learning to control my obsession a bit.

I don't like to be inside a crate, but I am slowly learning to deal with it and complaining less. Because I have a hard time calming down, puppy handling at night is a very soothing activity that melts me like buttah and puts me in the mood to be shoved into my crate (stupid raisers, they just don't understand).

I sleep from about midnight to 7:30am regularly without waking up.

I like to whine when I want attention and bark if I am frustrated or excited. Unfortunately, neither of those things seems to be getting me anywhere so maybe I will quit doing them soon...

I really like to nap in my raiser's lap. Despite not giving me everything I want even when I flash my big brown sad puppy dog eyes, I like them as they are super comfy and warm. Who can complain about that?

I am mostly house-trained. I definitely won't go #2 inside the house, but #1 is still in the works. To my credit, my accidents are few and far between and only happen because my raisers are retarded and don't take me out when they are supposed to. Duh. It isn't rocket science people.

I enjoy being touched all over. I don't think I've met a touch I don't like, but I really love my belly rubbed. Mmmm...heaven.

If you are single and I am your type, please leave a comment and I'll contact you!

Me with my raisers:

photo courtesy of Frankie


  1. Hi Rachel,
    Your mom pointed me to your puppy blog but didn't tell me it was written like a "personals" ad. Still I am chuckling. WELL DONE. The puppy's almost as cute as the two (2) raisers.
    Hugs from Ken Sumida's wife Saralyn Butler, whom you met last summer at your parents' home.

  2. Oh pick me, pick me!!! She is so cute, makes you want to have a puppy. Naw, I will live through you. Since I am one of the "raisers" moms, I can only laugh at the "high" maintenance, bore quickly and needing lots of stimulation. Hummmmmm, went through that when they were younger, but enjoyed every minute. Yeah, you forget all the bad stuff and remember the good stuff. Enjoy and keep writing!