Friday, June 12, 2009

Clean up on aisle 2

Accidents. Accidents are never a good thing...usually something bad or messy happens. The past few days have seen a few accidents from Raelyn. She is normally so good when we go out places since I never take her anywhere unless I know she is an empty puppy. She can hold it, but doesn't have extreme bladder control yet. A few days ago, we went to REI and after picking up my goods we walked around the store to practice good behavior. Somewhere near the bicycles, I noticed Raelyn stopped and squated. OH NO! And boy she did have to go. I don't know where all the pee came from. Luckily it was on a hard surface and I always take supplies with me, so it was easy to clean up. No one saw anything so we promptly left! I guess it was bound to happen eventually. This was the first time she relieved in a store and there is a first time for everything.

Then yesterday at home the back door to the porch was open and she usually goes potty on the porch without incident. She was hanging out on the porch and I was in the kitchen and she comes back in near the dining table and starts going poo! WTF! On the kitchen floor when the back door was wide open! I grabbed her by the collar and yanked her outside, but she was already done. Needless to say, she spent most of the day yesterday in her crate. Sad puppy. I couldn't believe it though as it was so strange. She has never gone poo in the house before, ever. Even when she was 8 weeks old. And she has gone out to the porch before and relieved herself when we weren't next to her. So weird that she would be on the porch and then come in and decide to go poo. Hopefully she is just testing and will learn that is not okay quickly. Else she will be a sad puppy and be stuck in her crate.

Other than those 2 incidents, things are great! She is doing all of her commands now: Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Wait, Go to Bed, and Come. She is still testing and is a giant whiner, but she has stopped going ballistic while left alone in her crate. Now she just whines without escalating it. Crazy puppy! She does great when out and about in stores (when she is not relieving herself). She doesn't grab anything off shelves or try to solicit attention from people. On our walk today, we discovered she is fascinated by people on bicycles. She perks right up and wants to run after them.

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  1. It always seems like such a setback when the puppy has an accident. Cabana has only had one accident in public--she pooped at the mall when she was teeny tiny. At home, she was housebroken in 3-4 days--but then for the next couple months, maybe about once a month, she would have an accident inside. Every time I would think, what does this mean? Is she really NOT housebroken? But now I think it was all just part of the learning process. By relieving inside those few times, it would confirm to her that that's not allowed. Raelyn is a smarty, so I'm sure she was just trying to figure it all out in her smartypants brain.