Monday, June 29, 2009

We're on a boat!

The last few days have been HOT around here! I'm enjoying it immensely, but I'm not covered in black fur like Raelyn. Since it was so warm yesterday, our bi-monthly puppy club meeting was held at a leader's house who had a pool. Raelyn wasn't sure what to make of the pool at first, but soon was having a great time carefully jumping in after toys and swimming laps. It was surprising, but most of the other younger dogs in our group weren't that into swimming. Raelyn is totally fearless and doesn't give a lick about anything or anyone.

After the puppy meeting, Raelyn and I went over to Amity's house for more swimming and dinner. We learned at the puppy meeting that we can't let Raelyn and Amity play roughly and run around. The interactions need to be controlled so that the dogs learn how to behave and not to become preoccupied with wanting to play with other dogs. So this time we let the puppies play and interact, but in a much more defined matter and didn't let them get out of control. Raelyn and Amity had a blast swimming and romping around in the lagoon. They also enjoyed swimming in the nice warm swimming pool. Raelyn was jumping in after a floating plastic duck while Amity was a little more reserved, but eventually ended up enjoying swimming with her life jacket on.

After swimming but before dinner, we went for a little boat ride around the lagoon. Raelyn did fantastic! She sat on the seat or the floor and didn't care at all about anything. She looked around and was interested, but then decided licking herself was more important. She really is fearless about most situations as they don't seem to bother her one bit. Crazy puppy!

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