Friday, June 5, 2009


Today I took Raelyn with me to the local library. She patiently waited as I returned my book and was very well behaved when we went inside. I didn't let her meet anyone, so we just walked around the different book shelves and paused every so often. She was totally great! She didn't pay attention to people, didn't try to illicit any attention, didn't try to eat any books on the shelves, and obeyed the ultimate rule of the library by being totally quiet. This trip bodes every well for taking her there on future trips!

I also had to stop by a pharmacy in an outdoor mall. Once I did my shopping, we walked all the way up and down the mall and practiced walking by people and then letting them meet her. She did fantastic! There were some stairs that kind of creeped her out. She went down them super easily, but on the way back up they threw her off her game as the stairs didn't have backs to them so you could see through the individual stairs. Going up was a big challenge, so we took it slow and went up a few at a time and then went back down again. Went up a few more and then back down. Pretty soon she was able to go all the way up and down without any hesitation! Yay!

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