Saturday, June 27, 2009

Total Water Dog!

On friday, we went on another fun outing with Amity and her raiser. We took BART from Millbrae up to downtown San Francisco. We walked around Union Square for a bit and had some snacks. Raelyn did fabulously! She didn't pay attention to people at the BART station. She didn't have any problem with the shiny reflective surface of the tile. She plopped right down on the floor of the BART train and didn't mind the noise or anything during the ride. She did fantastic. Once we got downtown, she walked around terrifically. She still pulls a bit, but she's getting better. She didn't have any problems with the crowded sidewalk and didn't try to pick up anything nasty from the ground. Once at Union Square, she was quite intrigued by the pigeons and wanted to play with them, but she finally figured out that was not in the game plan. We hung out for a bit and got some snacks and drinks and then went back on the train. Both Amity (11 month black lab) and Raelyn were so good during the whole outing, so Raelyn and I went to Amity's house after the train ride and they got to run, wrestle, chase, and play with each other in their backyard. Both of the puppies had a totally blast. They were so funny to watch. Even though Amity is about double Raelyn's weight, it took Amity a while to figure out she could push Raelyn around. Raelyn has finally met another dog that will put up with her energy and craziness! Yay for puppy friends! :)

Raelyn has Amity pinned on the ground, for the moment. Finally a puppy friend that can match Raelyn's excitement for wrestling.

Raelyn (sideways dog) playfully nipping at Amity as she zooms past. Amity is a crazy fast runner.

Amity's raiser lives on a lagoon on the San Francisco Bay and has a little ramp that goes into the water. It was a little warm, so we decided to let them go for a swim. I wasn't sure how Raelyn was going to act as she has never seen water before and isn't too crazy about the hose. Boy howdy did she take to the water like a fish. She was jumping and splashing around and swimming all over the place! She LOVED every minute of it. Now that we know Raelyn is a water dog, we'll have to find other opportunities for her to go swimming! :)

Raelyn the eager beaver!

Amity getting a head/body up on Raelyn while the two wrestle in the water.

Yay! Raelyn chasing Amity in the water. How fun! A puppy friend that never got tired of Raelyn's relentless chasing.

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